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We co-founded the local & plastic-free Organic Farmer’s Market in Da Lat, Vietnam

We co-founded the first Community Garden in Da Lat, Vietnam

Bee Garden - the first community garden in Da Lat, Vietnam.

Bees4life happliy announces to be active for bees offline since the beginning of the year 2019.

Offline? What does it even mean?

Well, we understood that it’s nice and all to publish bee-related content and involve people in the online world through Facebook & Instagram.

Still, something was missing.

We wondered, what could we do?

So, getting back to the problem with our insect decline up to 75 % in the last 30 years and the apparent root cause lying in the toxic chemicals of our food production system, we opted for 2 kick-off projects.

Both projects were launched in the beginning of this year 2019 and put in practice with the help and inspiration of many volunteers living or travelling throught the beautiful mountain city of Da Lat, Vietnam.

Project 1) Organic Farmer’s Market Da Lat

If chemicals in our food production are the problem, then Bees4life should support the farmers who stand up against the use of chemicals. This is what the market organization committee did. For 6 months we researched, chatted, visited, interviewed, gathered farmers who grow food without the use of chemical pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Once we got them altogether, we organized the first market event, which was a success. Since the first market on 17th of February 2019 we kept organizing one event every month, growing it bigger and bigger.

Story to be continued….


Project 2) Community Garden (Bee Garden Da Lat)

With the help of the experienced and motivated urban gardener Duong Pham and the availability of an unused land in a residential area, Bee Garden was born. We pictured a place where people come together at least once a week and grow vegetables for humans and wildflowers for bees and pollinators – obviously without using chemicals. So far the Facebook group counts more than 200 gardeners and the first Community Garden in Da Lat is proud to harvest loads of beans, corns, pumpkins and a myriad of seeds.

Find the Facebook pages of both projects here: