About Bees for life is the first of three milestones of a masterplan to save the bees of this planet.

Disclaimer: Bees and pollinators are dying and humanity is the main reason.
The clock for bees and us is ticking … We must act before it’s too late!

time for change


Our Vision – A Masterplan to Save the Bees


The world’s most sustainable beekeepers and inspiring researchers are contributing with their work and findings to the content of our pages.
With this website, we aim to educate and inform people like YOU about the vital importance of bees.

We strive to become the most complete and people-friendly collection of useful and scientifically-backed information concerning the threatening extinction of honey bees, solution approaches, sustainable beekeeping, apitherapy and fascinating insights in the daily life of our buzzing friends.

Who is this website for?

Most importantly, this website is for all of us. If we save the bees, we do ourselves just a favour!

Bees4life is an information source for:

  • FARMERS: We want to encourage farmers to stop using pesticides because they are part of the bee extinction problem.
  • GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS: We want to give organizations and politicians struggling with honey bee loss information about what they can do to stop the extinction of bees and pollinators.
  • BEEKEEPERS: We want to help current beekeepers and beekeeper newcomers to opt for more sustainable solutions in beekeeper practices and to live in harmony with their bee colonies.
  • CONSUMERS: Our goal is to make changes in the mindset of consumers and therefore we provide a guide about how to consume and choose bee products (honey, propolis, etc.), explaining the reasons for our recommendations. There are further simple actions for consumers to take that have a direct impact on bees.


Milestone #2: UNITE THE FORCES

We believe that change always consists of united forces.

Right now, there are thousands of single small bee initiatives, pollinator support programs, beekeepers and beekeeping associations out there.
We have a worldwide problem, but we don’t fight it on large scale.

Plus, to tackle the extinction of bees worldwide (our problem) we need precise data about bees to monitor the losses.

THUS: In the second milestone, we will create a PLATFORM that enables people to get together, share information, spread the word, and generate data about the world of bees:

A social network for bees.


Milestone #3: MAKE A CHANGE


Once we unite everybody who wants a change for bees, we will be very big in numbers.
Let’s count all beekeepers, farmers, bee-minded private people and organizations: we will be a force of millions of people..

And this is the goal: Once we are all together, we become too big too fail.

We will be a force that is able to speak out and put pressure on governments and world’s decision makers to make the right changes in our agricultural system, which is the root cause of our struggling pollinators.


We need your help for this plan. NOW.

We are a bunch of passionate people, ready to commit for this plan. But we need still a few things to make it happen..

What can you do?

1. If you have a skill/ expertise:

We are happy to involve every bee-minded person who wants to contribute as a volunteer to our mission.

Are you a:
• Researcher or Biologist,
• Book Author,
• Politician or Activist,
• Content writer/revisor with biology background,
• Illustrator,
• Technical SEO specialist,
• Social Media Manager (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,

….. And want to make an impact in the world?

Send us a message now to info at bees4life dot org


2. If you don’t have time, but you can help financially….

Make a donation to help us pay for of expenses like website hosting, marketing,  travel expenses, etc to widen the reach of this project as much as possible.

If you have an account on Patreon you can donate 1 USD/month to Bees4life clicking It is very fast and easy to use.

Otherwise you can make a direct donation through our donation form:

3. You have neither time nor money?

Here is the simplest thing you can do right now:

[Share our ACT NOW page]