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How important are bees for humanity?

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Why should you care about bees and ACT NOW?

Bees are responsible for a lot of food on your plate!

Here is why:

Bees do not only produce honey, they carry out one of the most vital tasks for us:

They ensure the reproduction of our plants through pollination. More details here.

Without pollination, only very few or no fruit grows1.

What does this mean?

No fruits, vegetables, nuts or even steak!

Just imagine a life without 70% of the fruits, vegetables and nuts. And since bees also pollinate the grass flowers that our cows eat, the whole meat, milk, cheese production will also be affected if there’s no more bees around2.

What is left for us to eat then?


Imagine a nice spaghetti dinner without tomatoe saucel. Also without broccoli as side dish. :/


Imagine this mediterrenean dish. No avocado, no chili sauce, no beetroot sauce :/

Sooner or later, our diet would consist of corn, wheat, rice and some salad. Those are either self-pollinating plants or helped by the wind.

We wouldn’t probably die out in no time, but our diets would suffer tremendously and people won’t be able to afford a lot of healthy and vital food.

Not to mention that without the help of bees, no more cotton would be available. Our everyday life products such as jeans, towel, high-quality paper would disappear!

And then coffee, beans, chocolate, berries, wine, almonds… All these precious products are directly pollinated by bees and other pollinating insects.

It doesn’t just stop there. Think about the whole ecosystem3.

When most insect-pollinated plant species go extinct, the animals that eat those plants will follow.

The interruption of the food chain will have massive consequences on earth.


Are bees replaceable?

Yes and no. Humanity would have carry out pollination by hand, that would cost the global agriculture 200 billion USD per year.

As an example, the pollination by hand of one hectare of apples was estimated to cost around 6,000 USD. Renting bee colonies would cost 90 USD. A gigantic difference.

At this point, fruit and vegetable prices would skyrock! Imagine having to pay 16 USD or more for one single apple!

Can technology save us? Walmart has just patented the autonomous robot bees4 hoping that they could solve the pollination problem and maintain their sales in the future. Read here why this is not an option.


Instead of solving the problem of bee extinction by its roots, tiny robot bee drones are right now praised as solution to a future pollination catastrophe.

We need to save the bees!

The cheapest, most humane and holistic solution is to restore the population of honeybees and maintain their growth.

Bees are dying. Their colonies are collapsing in massive scale. And we are part of the reasons.

Now that we are all well aware that their extinction not only a problem for the bees themselves, but for us human and our ecosystem as a whole.

We MUST make sure that bees survive with us in the future! Act now!


So, what can you do NOW?

Here are 3 VERY simple actions:

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