Bees against ants

Bees against ants When super insects fight each other Prelude Most bees are highly social creatures. They have a special body structure and gender to match different roles in building nests, feeding, nesting, breeding and taking care of larvae. A bee cannot sustain life and reproduce alone. Thus, they have very close coordination and are […]

Why do bees die when stinging

Why do bees die when stinging Exploring the bee’s suicidal behavior Bees are fascinating creatures and we can a learn a lot from them. However, you should observe bees cautiously and only from a distance. When bees or wasps are far away from their hive or nest and just foraging, they will rarely sting. Unless […]

Be(e) a superhero for 1 minute

Be(e) a superhero for 1 minute Put your coffee & emails away and slip into your new super body! Half a kilogram of honey is the lifetime production for about 768 bees, made up of visits to 2 million flowers. You need a body with superhero potential to manage this. Ready to fly? Now you […]