bees and hemp

Hemp and bees

Bees and Hemp What do bees really love about hemp? Guest article by   After the legalization of Hemp in the US after the 2018 Farm Bill, it is important for us to understand how the cultivation of the hemp plant can affect bees. So far, research done shows the relationship between bees and […]


Bee-friendly flowers and plants in Vietnam and SEA

Bee-friendly flowers and plants in Vietnam Food sources for bees and pollinators in South East Asia     Bees4life made a list of bee-friendly flowers in Vietnam. This list can be also applied to many other countries in South East Asia, maybe with little adaptations. If you are looking for a more general article about […]

Coffee without bees?

Coffee without bees? Learn why bees are crucial for 40% of world’s coffee production So, you love coffee? Well, then you should also love bees. In fact, there much less coffee without bees in this world. Why? Because of the essential service that bees and other pollinators provide. When plants reproduce, female procreation material has […]