NEW: Bees4life on tour

NEW: Bees4life on tour

Why are we on tour?

Because we know that there are so many amazing projects and people who are doing great work for the bees and us humans!
It’s time to showcase what positive things are happening around the world on a local scale!
Our aim is to introduce these fantastic projects/people/organisations to value their work and to encourage other people to start making a difference in their own countries and communities.

The first 2 countries?
We start in Australia. The second country will be New Zealand. But we are interested in initiatives around the world.
If you know any projects/people/organisations that you could introduce us to please shoot us a message.

Bees4life is on tour exactly for this reason… to meet them and show the world what they do!

And now?

Follow us on our journey and get to know all the projects!