Beekeeping & Permaculture Graf


A family business located in the black forest/Germany that combines traditional beekeeping with the principles of permaculture.

The beekeeping business is already in its 4th generation. Bees4life co-founder Jessi Graf has now joined and brings in the principles of permaculture.
In addition to continuing the family business and traditional beekeeping, it is particularly important to her to increase biodiversity in terms of flora and fauna.

You can find more information about the bees4life permaculture garden at the family’s apiary here and on Instagram Schwarzwald_Permakultur and on Facebook Schwarzwald Permakultur/Imkerei Graf.

Currently the family offers fir honey, forest honey and blossom honey.

Fir honey:
500g jar each 8,00 EUR, 250g jar each 4,50 EUR

Forest honey:
500g jar each 7,00 EUR

Blossom honey:
500g jar each 6,00 EUR

Fire honey from the black forest

From their own pure beeswax they produce candles and beeswax-coated snack bags.

Beeswax-coated snack bags.

Homemade candles


UNESCO also appreciates the excellent quality of the Graf family’s honey..


In 2020, the UNESCO ambassador ordered fir honey as gifts for member states. The Graf family is proud that the honey from their bees has been allowed to travel to 190 countries.

One of Jessi’s passions is seed collecting. She is happy to give away various flower seeds and vegetable seeds in exchange for a small donation to the Bees4life garden or in exchange for seeds or seedlings that are seed-proof.

Compost workshops, garden tours and much more


In her garden in Stegen near Freiburg, Jessi offers compost workshops and guided tours through the permaculture garden.

Contact and orders


To order honey, please call Elisabeth and Christoph Graf, Tel. 07660/397 or Jessi Graf, Tel. 0152 06255138.
Jessi is also available to answer questions about permaculture.

You can also get the honey on Friday mornings at the weekly market in Kirchzarten. Friday afternoons at the farmer’s market in St. Peter (from May – October).