Artist as Family, Australia

featured by Bees4life on tour

No big land to grow food? No problem!

Artist as Family lives on Dja Dja Wurrung country in Central Victoria, Australia and teaches us how to do it…
On their 1/4 acre permaculture plot they grow vegetables, fruit and even nuts.

The family is aiming for self-sufficiency and reducing their ecological footprint to the very mininum. The best part?

They manage to do this in a surprisingly convincing and genius way.

Using a small space with maxium output is only one of the fascinating things to learn there. Moreover, they show you how to produce your own natural medicine, how to reuse toilet paper and how to keep volunteers and family members happy.

Few other fascinating facts:

  • They share their land with volunteers, chickens, ducks and bees, and keep goats on the common land nearby.
  • You would expect a car, but there is no car. The family lives aims to live carbon positively and as a way to reclaim health, and a sense of deep belonging to the land they call home.
  • Food doesn’t come from supermarkets but the family grows most of its food on their land or swaps food with neighbours.
  • They plant native and introduced species to attract bees, other pollinators and beneficial insects, so that every being who comes to the property is cared for and encouraged to express their individual and collective vitality.

Want to know more? Watch this inspiring video:

You can follow their story on their Blog and also on Facebook and Instagram.

Otherwise, here are some more pictures for you to enjoy 🙂