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See what sustainable beekeeping looks like and learn tipps, tricks and curiosities regarding the life of a beekeeper.

6 Bee Products

Dive into 6 powerful bee products and learn about the health benefits of apitherapy.

Bee-friendly farming

Learn more about farming methods that are good for bees and good for humans.

Consumer Advice

Find out where you should buy honey and where not, and how to identify the quality of honey and other bee products.

Curious Bee Life

Check out what bees do when an ant colony attacks their nest or why they die when stinging. Bees are incredible creatures and come up with smarter solutions than you think!


Find out about critical topics concerning the world’s most needed service regarding food supply for the human species: pollination carried out by pollinating animals.

Bees as engineers

Discover more about the surprising architectonical, structural and mathematical abilities of bees.

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Best Plants for Bees and Butterflies in Florida

Best Plants for Bees and Butterflies in Florida

Best Plants for Bees and Butterflies in Florida Summer is approaching and if you are a garden freak then you must be thinking about potential additions to your lawn. Specifically, this time of year is perfect for giving a try to new blooms and while you are at it, you...

Bee Feeder

Bee Feeder

The Bee Feeder for city bees Guest contribution by Dr. Alexandre Serain Shvaloff, Paris, France1. How it works   The Bee Feeder by Dr. Alexandre Serain Shvaloff makes sure that bees can stay hydrated all year round, given that you always keep it filled with...

Hemp and bees

Hemp and bees

Bees and Hemp What do bees really love about hemp? Guest article by planetgreenonline.comAfter the legalization of Hemp in the US after the 2018 Farm Bill, it is important for us to understand how the cultivation of the hemp plant can affect bees. So far, research...

Asian Hornet Trap

Asian Hornet Trap

Asian Hornet Trap: how to build a trap for Vespa Velutina Guest article about Asian hornet traps by Dr. Alexandre Serain Shvaloff, 17.05.2021, Paris, France1. Presentation   This trap against Asian Hornets reflects my admiration to the bees, to these intelligent...