Save the Bees Australia

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Simon Mulvany, founder of Save the Bees Australia. Photo by James Geer

Simon Mulvany saves the bees in Australia in every possible way

There is a man in this world who is really concerned about bees. His organization Save the Bees Australia does everything possible to change the bee’s destiny of extinction.

The bee saving organisation educates children about the importance of bees

With a mantra of honouring and respecting bees and nature the organisation began with a focus on educating children about the importance of pollination and the rolls indigenous bees play. Up until today, they regularly attend at schools and community group.

Simon saved bees with his bare hands from extermination

Founder Simon Mulvany has personally saved over 700 colonies of honeybees that otherwise would have faced extermination.

They fight and expose big companies who do fake honey business

Simon started a fearless campaign and has been defending himself in a legal battle with Hive and Wellness Australia (formerly Capilano Ltd since 2016). He accuses the company to sell adulterated and imported honey in Australia. Find out more in this video:

Through the Honeymap, they connect local beekeepers with consumers

Save the Bees Australia is the voice for small beekeepers in Australia. With the help of the honeymap, they connect consumers to beekeepers. Up until now, the map has been viewed 700.000 times.

Thank you Simon, for leading the example. There should be honeymaps all over the world.


Save the Bees Australia gathers people to make a change


The enterprise is often featured in mainstream media with special emphasis on the campaigns calling for pesticides to be banned and to stop the suspicious importation of honey.
Moreover, the organization started a petition calling for imported honey to be banned or at least labelled with the country of origin.
They currently gathered 189000 signatures.

Please do your part and sign and share the petition

Save the Bees Australia is also working hard to achieve bans on neonicotinoids and Glyphosate.
They need your help! Please sign and share the following petitions:


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