RAW Community Garden, Resilient Aspiring Women in Melbourne, Australia

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RAW. Resilient Aspiring Women in Australia

Women in Melbourne have a look at this!


There is an inspiring place in Brighton, Melbourne called RAW Community Garden!
RAW means Resilient Aspiring Women. Its is a grassroots organisation which has, to date, reached out to many, many women.

Founder Mariam Issa turned her garden into a great place where women can meet and garden together. Its design follows permaculture principles.

The mission of RAW is about celebrating the uniqueness & aspirations of multicultural women through gardening, storytelling, crafts & cooking.

RAW Community Garden pursues multiple goals. On the one hand they aim to build a strong, vibrant and better-connected community, creating social environments to break down barriers. Moreover, the initiative wants to nurture, educate and mentor women, while developing empowerment and resilience.

The garden creates a social environment. Here people can feel free and engage in conversations to break down barriers and build bridges between different cultural groups. RAW Community Garden provides safe circles and a supportive environment to build relationships and use the power of storytelling to develop community interaction.

It’s not only about gardening, but also about art. They create beautiful arts to demonstrate the beauty of diversity of our world.

And it is about food!

They showcase the wealth of other nations through our cooking program. Growing food together, preparing food together and enjoying food together on the shared space with pavilion.

Mariam Issa’s place is at 325 South Road, Brighton East, Melbourne. You can join every Tuesday from 10 am and do gardening with everyone!

Find out more about their program at their website and Facebook page.

Harvesting at RAW Melbourne.

Raised beds at RAW Melbourne.