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When bees and insects disappear, humanity will follow a few years later.

Bee Extinction

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Bees4life is a non-profit initiative. Our goal is to raise awareness about the ongoing insect apocalypse caused by humans.

Bees are well-known insects by almost everybody and one of the most studied examples for the insect apocalypse. Therefore, on our website and in our actions, the bee is the main protagonist. In other words, we care about all insects, but explain the problem through the example of the bee.

We are the voice for endangered insects. We feel the importance of informing people about the consequences, when insects die out and why pollinators are so important.

Furthermore, we are studying the problems causing bee extinction and the possible solutions. So far, we are convinced that regenerative agriculture is key to a solution.

On our journey, we gather bee-minded people and initiatives from around the world. Through Bees4life on tour, we tell you some of their stories.

Together, we contribute to the conservation of all our insects, including bees and other pollinators on our planet.