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The Bee Dalat is a project that came to life to support
With the purchase of a product you directly support the mission of the website.

You can fuel our efforts to inspire people and farmers for a more sustainable lifestyle or farming practices!

Our little manufacturing team makes different natural products: candles in 4 sizes, tealights, as well as aromatherapy products such as room spray, pillow spray, scented beeswax lipbalm, scented soap bars and massage oils.

Our goal is to become a 100% sustainable company with a triple bottom line:

Environmentally successful: by reducing packaging and production waste to a minimum, while sourcing locally whenever possible and neither using synthetic candle waxes nor fragrances.

How far have we come? Regarding this goal, we are on a good way. The majority of our ingredients are already sourced in Vietnam and exclusively of natural origin, the beeswax comes even from only a few kilometers away from our candle lab. Yay!

Socially successful: by providing work and stable incomes to our team and eventually give job opportunities to single moms or disadvantaged people.

How far have we come? So far, we are 6 people working in production and sales. The plan is to scale up soon and include more people in need of a stable job… 🙂

Economically successful: by generating even a little profit to serve the mission of

How far have we come? Nowadays we can make small profits while paying our salaries and taxes. It’s not the world, but a humble start. A good portion of our time goes into website maintenance and translations.

Why do our candles last longer?

If we look at the science, beeswax and soywax burn much longer than parraffin wax.

Check the combustion rates of soywax and beeswax in comparison to paraffin wax:

Source: Scientific study “Combustion characteristics of candles made from hydrogenated soybean oil” by K. Rezaei and T. Wang

How to burn a candle

 As much as we love candles, we dearly care about the safety of our customers.

We recommend our customers to be aware of the fact that generally speaking, a candle is a small fire in your house. Never leave an enlightened candle out of sight.

Besides that, there are some more recommendations that we would like to warmly share with you.

  1.  Trim the wick below 5mm
  2. Keep the candles away from pets and children
  3. The container can get hot when the candle is lit.
  4. Burn the candle no longer than 3 hours at the time.
  5. Close windows and avoid AC for the best scent experience.


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Where can I purchase the products of The Bee Dalat?

For purchases, simply message us on our Facebook Page

We can ship nationwide in Vietnam and also worldwide if requested.

If you want to become a retailer, kindly send us a message on Facebook:

For any other questions, also message us on Facebook or call +84 93 153 52 86.

We are happy to hear from you!