4 Bees Garden Design

Da Lat (Vietnam)


About us


4 Bees Garden Design is a garden design company based in Da Lat city in the central highlands of Vietnam.

Our gardens are aligned with permaculture principles and natural gardening methods in the pursuit to create safe habitats for our most precious friends – the bees and other pollinators, insects, birds, and wildlife while likewise offering beautiful outdoor spaces for humans.

Our mission was born in 2018 with this website bees4life.org (also available in Vietnamese) – an initiative to raise awareness for endangered bees and pollinators.

Today, we want to create as many sustainable gardens, backyards, green areas, and small farms and share with people how to live pesticide-free and in harmony with endangered wildlife.

The team

Leonie Hofsaess – Founder and permaculture designer

Leonie designs the gardens and is active in sustainable agriculture since 2018. She graduated in Economics and Management and obtained her permaculture certificate (PDC) in early 2020.

Pham Thi Tu Toan – Operation manager

 Toan is our bilingual head of operations and makes sure the gardens are implemented according to the design customer wishes.

Bui Anh Tuan – Technical advisor

Tuan is a successful permaculture coffee farmer and expert in food forest creation. He gives precious advice for large landscape questions.

What we do


  • Garden design

We propose a garden design for your space/backyard/area in alignment with permaculture principles while respecting the client’s preferences.
Specialized in vegetable gardens (Leonie) and food forests/coffee forests (Tuan).

  • Garden building and staff training

Once agreed on the design, we have the network to carry out the implementation (well builders, excavators, wall builders, gardeners) and/or will train the future gardener staff on site.

  • Restyling

We can also work on existing gardens and transform them into more sustainable spaces. This usually happens by introducing and/or removing certain plant species /structures/water bodies on the property.



1. The Cleomy – Dalat (2021)

2. Bui Farm by Bui Anh Tuan

Organic herb farm of 1.000 sqm in Dalat with:

  • worm farm
  • compost
  • liquid organic fertilizer
  • environmental education and permaculture workshops



Phone/Zalo: 0353316593
Facebook: 4 Bees Garden Design
Web: www.bees4life.org

4 Bees Garden Design Vietnam is a brand by
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Read also our blog article about Permaculture coffee farming co-written by Leonie and Mr Bui Anh Tuan and our guide to bee-friendly flowers and plants in Vietnam and South East Asia by Leonie.