Who runs Bees4life?

Who runs Bees4life?

Leonie Hofsaess


Leonie Hofsaess is the creator and driver of Bees4life.
In 2017, she stumbled upon the existential importance of our bees and pollinators. A very well-informed and open-minded beekeeper and insect expert taught her in a 48-hours-interview why humanity can't live without bees and the causes of our current massive extinction of many kinds of insects (including bees) worldwide.
There was not much freetime for Leonie since then^^. She is dedicating most of her time since then to spread the word and make the information of this interview accessible to everybody. In the same time, she is interviewing beekeepers and farmers around the world and researching with a quite "down-to-earth" approach how humanity could save our bees and getting together “bee-minded” people.

Thankfully, she could recruit a bunch of volunteers and a new board member to join the forces.

Together with many helping hands she is working on a masterplan to save our bees and pollinators.

Get to know the volunteers here.

Check out the outlines of the masterplan here.

Jessika Graf

Executive Board

Jessika Graf is part of a family that practices beekeeping in the Black Forest area in Germany since decades.

Jessika and her family have first-hand experience and insights regarding the connection between our agricultural methods, environmental pollution and the health of bee colonies.

Her current ambition is to make Bees4life a multilingual platform. In this way, people with a different language background are able to understand our contents.

With bees4life on tour she presents projects and people who make a real difference to our environment. This should motivate people all over the world to follow these inspiring examples.

She also experiments with the different principles of Permaculture and applies them to daily life, gardening and beekeeping.