Who runs Bees4life?

Leonie Hofsaess



Leonie Hofsaess is the creator and driver of Bees4life.
Since 2017, she keeps learning and educating people about the problem of bee and insect extinction and what everybody can do about it. She writes content, organizes eco-lifestyle and gardening workshops and gives speeches.

Recently, after studying extensively the problem-side, she is now focusing all her efforts on the possible solutions – which are right at our disposal.

If we implement methods of regenerative agriculture, permaculture and or/natural farming and gardening, we can still turn the fate of our planet around. We CAN keep our world green and beautiful for the next generations.

Jessika Graf

Executive Board


Jessi Graf belongs to a family that has been beekeepers for many generations.
They know from their own experience the connection between our farming methods, environmental impacts and the health of bees.

During her professional stays abroad and on her travels, Jessi has seen how forward-looking projects for environmental and insect protection have already been developed on a local level. It is important to her to show what wonderful projects already exist and to motivate as many people as possible to follow these inspiring examples.

With bees4life on tour she presents some of these projects and people.

At her home base in Stegen near Freiburg, she experiments with the various principles of permaculture and applies them to daily life, gardening and beekeeping.
Her bee colonies enjoy the food from her own garden and the forest just behind the garden.

You can find more information about the permaculture garden here on our website, on Instagram Schwarzwald_Permakultur and on the Facebook page Schwarzwald Permakultur/Imkerei Graf.