Home Composting Workshop

We teach you how to do composting.. in your backyard and with your resources

Garbage is gold. And most people throw this gold simply away.
Yes, you heard right, when we empty our trash bins, we throw away money and resources… every single day!

The worst part?

When we throw garbage in the trash bin, it doesn’t simply go away.

Instead, garbage ends up in landfills, where it sits and creates toxic methane emissions and poisons the nearby environment and its flora and fauna and leaks into the ground water. In other cases garbage gets incinerated, being released as poisonous fumes in the environment (in many countries).

There is a very simple solution to tackle 70% of this problem, especially if you have a little backyard at your house.
It’s called composting.

But what is composting?


Composting is a form of waste disposal where organic waste decomposes naturally. You can call it a natural way of recycling.

Organic waste, such as food waste and other organic waste is broken down by microorganisms and fungi in the presence of oxygen to a point where it can be safely stored, handled and applied to the environment as fertilizer.
Composting is a simple and practical solution to reduce the amount of household waste.

How to do composting in 4 simple steps


1) You start by seperating your food waste from other kinds of waste. These other waste materials are no longer contaminated with food waste and can be recycled better. Food waste makes up to 70% of all household waste!

2) You mix your wet organic waste (kitchen food scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds) with dry organic waste (dry grass cuttings, dry leaves, newspapers, cardboard flakes, wood chips).

3a) You wait and turn the material once a week over to apply more oxygen to your compost pile. Then harvest compost fertilizer after 3-5 weeks.

3b) You wait 6 to 8 weeks (lazy option) and then harvest your compost fertilizer.

4) You apply your home-made fertilizer on your plants and see them grow full of strength and happiness.

All this sounds very nice but you still have a lot of questions?


Right now, in the area of Dalat (Vietnam), we do home composting workshops at your house. We come and see what materials you can use, then prepare the first compost pile together,and help you out with any questions you might have.

This program is in English language and donation-based.
You can give what you can to help us continue doing this job.

Send us an email at or reach out through the Bees4life Facebook Page.

We are happy to hear from you <3

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