CAUSE #4: WiFi and electromagnetic radiation

Although the content of this page is still valid, the sources are not up to the standard that we want to offer to our readers and we are in the process of updating them.

WiFi radiations are more and more diffused all over the globe. These days, more and more governments plan to implement or already implemented 5G.

For this reason we are updating this site with the latest information from the science world. Stay tuned.

For now we leave you with the 2 fundamental facts to understand why WiFi has an impact on bees.

1. How do bees navigate?

According to the researcher team of the University of Vancouver 4 consisting in both physicists and biologists, honey bees appear to sense magnetic fields using a magnetic structure in their abdomens.

Also another researcher team confirms that bees produce tiny molecules of magnetite in their bodies. Those are “magnetoreceptors“, which they use for orientation and comb building.

These magnetoreceptors are affected by the geomagnetic field5.

The Canadian study went even further. Researchers used strong permanent magnets on bees to study their behaviour. Here is what they found out:

1. Ferromagnetic material consistent with magnetite exists in the abdomen of honey bees.

2. The ferromagnetic material can be magnetized using a strong permanent magnet.

3. Magnetizing the abdomen of a live honey bee disrupts its ability to navigate using local magnetic fields.



In conclusion, a strong permanent magnet can disrupt the sensoring ability of honey bees. Read the full article here.

In this experiment, a honey bees is magnetized with a permanent magnet. (Courtesy: G Gries / SFU)

2. Consequently, bees do have a reaction to magnetic forces. What does that have to do with our WiFi?

According to the physicist Richard Feynman, “an electromagnetic field (also EMF or EM field) is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects6“. Such electrically charged objects can be als cell phones, WiFi adapters and routers.

In other words: Smartphones, WiFi adapters and routers are objects that produce electromagnetic fields.