Heart of Seeds

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Seed balls – made with love by Heart of Seeds

Spreading seeds to heal the planet


We know our planet is alive and in constant evolution. Currently we are suffering from a climate emergency resulting from our actions, leading to an unbalanced nature. Somehow, we feel separate from the earth and from nature. Francisca, the founder of Heart of Seeds, started to feel that years ago.

As a result, she found a way to reconnect and participate in the cycles of nature through her initiative and through planting seeds.


What is Heart of Seeds?


It is an initiative that has been directly inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese farmer and philosopher. Fukuoka created a natural farming method called “Nendo Dango Technique” which means “ball of gratification and green illusion”. These seed balls consist of natural materials like clay, straw, lime and soil. They protect one of the most precious things in life: seeds!

The social symbol of “Nendo Dango” is the result of the collective action undertaken by people. Those are communities striving for the same goal by spreading the heart of seeds in different places and letting life grow.

This method aspires to inspire social ecology by its simplicity. Furthermore, this practice engages a collective work, by taking a direct action on behalf of our nature.

Community environmental work inspired by Heart of Seeds

The goal of Heart of Seeds?


The initiative has great ambitions. It suggests different types of seed mixes aiming to green various parts all over the world, thereby spreading love by flowering and greening the land.
Wherever they produce seed balls they focus on local native pollinator friendly wildflowers and grasses. Seeds have the vital factor of bringing life. Each Heart of Seeds could be a new habitat for bees and other wildlife and could bring food for all kind of living creature, even us.
Its goal is to spread love by greening the world.



Because they believe it is time to connect again. Connect through love and to nature.

Join Heart of Seeds and contribute to a greener world.

For any enquiries visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/heartofseeds/.


Throwing seed balls and giving life by Heart of Seeds