Bee products: the six products of a bee hive

Apitherapy – bee products

Dive into 6 powerful bee products and learn about the health benefits of apitherapy1:


In our honey section, you will learn everything about honey and why local and sustainable honey is good for our health.


If you are into fitness, sports or bodybuilding check our pollen section.




People who often catch a cold, have a weak immune system or want to be protected in the winter should definitely read about propolis

Honey bee venom

Do you suffer from arthrosis or rheumatic illnesses? Find out why beekeepers rarely have such health issues and what can you do to feel better.

Royal jelly

Did you hear about royal jelly? Did everybody tell you how good it is supposed to be for your health? Find out why royal jelly is only for bees and not for humans!


Finally, if you produce your own cosmetics, candles or other wax articles, learn the  important facts about beeswax and improve your products!