How to become a beekeeper

How to become a beekeeper? A step-by-step guide to get started   Lately, a lot of folks out there are wondering how to become a beekeeper. In fact, beekeeping has boomed in popularity over the last years. That’s what many beekeepers associations around the world confirm. Let us give you some example: In the last […]

World’s 8 honey bee species

World’s 8 honey bee species Discover the honey making bee species [in this article we don’t mention bumblebees and stingless bees]   General overview: honey bee species worldwide On our planet we count 8 honey bee species. Keep in mind that there are many types of bees and honey bees represent only a small fraction […]


What is the bee space?

What is the bee space? Explore the maths in a bee hive The “bee space” is the precise gap within a hive or natural nest that bees won’t fill with wax or propolis. It enables the bees to crawl around in their home.  The ideal distance somewhere between 4.5 mm and 9 mm. In other […]