Bee Feeder

The Bee Feeder for city bees Guest contribution by Dr. Alexandre Serain Shvaloff, Paris, France     1. How it works The Bee Feeder by Dr. Alexandre Serain Shvaloff makes sure that bees can stay hydrated all year round, given that you always keep it filled with water. The water container is slightly sloped in […]

asian hornet trap

Asian Hornet Trap

Asian Hornet Trap: how to build a trap for Vespa Velutina Guest article about Asian hornet traps by Dr. Alexandre Serain Shvaloff, 17.05.2021, Paris, France     1. Presentation This trap against Asian Hornets reflects my admiration to the bees, to these intelligent insects. I live in France, in Paris and I am very sensitive […]

apis cerana beekeeping

Beekeeping with Apis cerana indica

Beekeeping with Apis cerana indica Beekeeping with native bees at Palni Hills, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India Guest contribution by Raveendran Kannan   History of beekeeping in Tamil society Let’s start with some history of honey gathering in Tamil culture and society. Ancient times: The traditional Honey Hunter gatherers of Tamil Nadu are well known tribes […]


A Beginners Guide to Backyard Beekeeping

A Beginners Guide to Backyard Beekeeping     Guest contribution by Rocio Espinoza from   Whether you’ve been stung by one or not, bees are crucial to the world; without them, your favorite veggies and fruits wouldn’t grow. Bees do not only produce the luscious honey you sweeten your meals with, but they also […]

How to become a beekeeper

How to become a beekeeper? A step-by-step guide to get started   Lately, a lot of folks out there are wondering how to become a beekeeper. In fact, beekeeping has boomed in popularity over the last years. That’s what many beekeepers associations around the world confirm. Let us give you some example: In the last […]

World’s 8 honey bee species

World’s 8 honey bee species Discover the honey making bee species [in this article we don’t mention bumblebees and stingless bees]   General overview: honey bee species worldwide On our planet we count 8 honey bee species. Keep in mind that there are many types of bees and honey bees represent only a small fraction […]


What is the bee space?

What is the bee space? Explore the maths in a bee hive The “bee space” is the precise gap within a hive or natural nest that bees won’t fill with wax or propolis. It enables the bees to crawl around in their home.  The ideal distance somewhere between 4.5 mm and 9 mm. In other […]