Dalat Eco-Map

Dalat Eco-Map

A map with the businesses in Da Lat who care about the environment

Color Legend of the Dalat Eco-Map

Yellow: Eco-friendly café or restaurant
engaging either in food waste programs and/or ban plastic straws and plastic bags and/or source organic food for their meals.

Violet: Eco-friendly accomodation
engaging either in food waste programs and/or ban plastic drinking bottles and shampoo bottles and/or using eco-friendly detergents.

Green: Eco-friendly farm
banning chemical pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.


And now? Let's find out more about the businesses on the Dalat Eco-Map and what exactly they do to be more sustainable and eco-friendly.


Eco-friendly restaurants and cafés in Dalat

Café 1 Mô Hình, 2A Đường Bà Triệu, Đà Lạt

garbage sorting and recycling, no plastic water bottles, no plastic straws, reducing plastic bags

Café 1 Mô Hình Dalat

The Café features an interesting interior made by the owner and artist himself. Engraved lamps made from local dried gourds and paintings make this place a special place to be. The owner does not only care about art though. He introduced alternatives to plastic straws and recycles the food waste of the café in the local community garden.
Local ingredients are his favourite and the signature serving of the house is the locally sourced dense yoghurt with freshly cut fruit. Try it!


One More Café, 77 Đường Hai Bà Trưng, Đà Lạt

no plastic straws, no plastic water bottles, reducing plastic bags, garbage recycling

One More Café Dalat

Craving western cuisine or a quiet place to write important e-mails?
This is the address to go to.
The friendly and welcoming owner Lorelle from Australia created a space where expats, locals and tourists meet and greet and enjoy delicious food that tastes like home. On the top floor of the café a co-working space is waiting for you, where you can get the work done that has been on your to-do-list for too long.
Speaking of, Lorelle has been in Dalat for a long time and knows pretty much everything about this city and cares for Dalat in her own, green way. She introduced a "Commitment to the Environment" which is displayed on every table. You learn that One More Café recycles all plastic, metal, paper and food waste. They use stainless steel straws instead of plastic straws. They take their own shopping bags to buy supplies at the market to reduce the use of plastic bags. If you need a bag, they also offer Bees4life cotton bags for sale. Moreover, single-use-plastic bottles are banned here and table water and take-away water is offered in glass bottles instead, for a very reasonable price. How? They buy water in huge refillable tanks that each save 40 small single use plastic bottles!
Cheers, friends!


Green Box Café, 42 Xô Viết Nghệ Tĩnh, Đà Lạt

no plastic straws, food waste becomes fertilizer for their own farm, single-use-bottles and cans swap

Green Box Café Dalat

Smoothies, juices, greens, coffee & drinks! Green Box Café is all about having a nice time in a very special ambiance, matching the local vibe of the omnipresent agriculture in Dalat.
You literally sit in between plants, tomatoes, salads and other ornamental plants that blossom, flourish and live around you when you enjoy a delicious drink in good company. You can invite all your friends because Green Box has a lot of space!

Green Box Café is hosting the monthly local & plastic-free Organic Farmer's Market...

The ability of fitting a lot of people in and providing a beautiful green space for bigger events attracted also the local Organic Farmer's Market which is held monthly at Green Box Café. The owners provide the space for the market on the first floor free of charge because of their support and friendship with the local organic farmer's in Dalat. Big thumbs up from our side here.
Moreover, they show their love for nature by restricting plastig bags, banning plastic straws and by recycling the leftover food waste of the café on their farm. And: If you really want to buy a drink in a plastic bottle, then the Café gives you the possibility you to swap the empty bottle afterwards with a home-grown vegetable from Green Box!
Come discover an exceptional place in Dalat!


Brew and Breakfast, 2 Trần Hưng Đạo, Đà Lạt

no single-use-plastic of any kind, food waste program, 100% plant-based cuisine

Brew and Breakfast Dalat

Brew and Breakfast is a restaurant and café with accomodations for travellers.

It is owned by Nick and Briana, a friendly couple from the UK who are in love with the world of coffee and the environment.
You can feel it the moment you step in... a pleasant scent of fresh coffee will delight your nose and your eyes will admire the elegant artwork of upcycled second-hand-material which has become the interior design and furniture in Brew and Breakfast.
The passion for coffee culminated in their own coffee brand "London Saigon Coffee Company". This also means that you can see a fancy roasting machine, right in the restaurant!
Still, Nick and Briana don't only care about coffee.

Home-Roasted Coffee, 100% plant based and upcycled interior...

If you are vegan or want to lower your meat consumption, here you will find a 100% plant-based menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We especially recommend the burritos and avocado toast, so yummy! The ingredients for the dishes are almost all local and the chefs swap imported food for local whenever possible.
In addition, Brew and Breakfast, doesn't sell any single-use-plastic and doesn't provide single-use items like straws or cutlery. For their guests, they provide free filtered water and buy things like soap and other supplies in bulk to limit the amount of packaging.
When it comes to recycling garbage, the restaurant is a leading example in Dalat. Plastics and metals are recycled locally and food waste is donated to Eco-Dream Farmstay, an organic farm in Dalat which is also on the Dalat Eco-Map.
It's coffee time!


Eco-friendly accomodations in Dalat

The Lake House Dalat, Phường 3, Đà Lạt

food waste recycling, quitting plastic, garbage sorting

The Lake House Dalat

The Lake House offers quiet accomodations at Tuyen Lam Lake in proximity to the famous Truc Lam pagoda. People who want to take a rest from stressful daily life and relax come here to enjoy the silence and the wonderful presence of the peaceful lake.

Apart from serving only vegetarian food to guests, the owner is environmentally-conscious and installed a no-plastic-bottle policy.

Instead, they serve free hot tea and filter the water for the guests. They separate the trash as follows: cans & bottles to be recycled, organic material for composting, and non-recyclable trash.

The organic material goes to their own compost, which is then transformed into fertilizer for their garden. They use reusable bags for shopping, and even try to reuse plastic bags, instead of throwing them away. Again, in their own garden they exclusively use organic fertilizer and compost from the kitchen, no chemical products. The owner is willing to switch also to home-made detergents and washing liquids. Who wants to teach her? 🙂


Khe Sanh Homestay Dalat, Phường 10, Đà Lạt

food waste recycling, quitting plastic shampoo bags, garbage sorting,

The terrace view at Khe Sanh Homestay

Khe Sanh Homestay is located in a quiet and privileged residential area without greenhouses. It features a fantastic view on the Elephant Mountain from the terrace. Still, these are only the outlines, you will be amazed to get to know to the kind-hearted owner and mother of 2, Toàn, who runs the homestay and truly cares for the well-being of her guests. Since she speaks fluent English and Vietnamese, she is happy to communicate with people from all over the world and makes them feel the most welcome in her hometown, Dalat.

Love for flowers and the environment

Toàn loves flowers and nature and wants to make a positive change, also when it comes to hotel business. She does garbage sorting and recycles food waste from the homestay in the compost of the nearby community garden, called Bee Garden. The garden is one-year-long social and environmental project that came to life and existance also thanks to the constant support of Toàn and her Khe Sanh Homestay. Moreover, she found a way to quit the little plastic shampoo bags and her plan is to quit single-use-plastic bottles as well. The environmental story is to be continued here...

Til then, enjoy your stay!


A little house, 12 Đường Ngô Tất Tố, Phường 8, Đà Lạt

plastic ban in place, garbage sorting, plastic-free food shopping, environmental education

A Little House Dalat

There is a woman in Dalat who is a real ambassador, when it comes to environmental choices in personal and business life. And her homestay is a place where you can actually learn how to be more environmentally-conscious, since Ms. Phuong will be happy to inspire you. If you want to get a glimpse of that, you can read her posts on her Facebook page about quitting plastic here, here and here.

Here is her list of sustainability efforts

1. We refill glass water bottles, instead of providing single-use-plastic bottles.
2. We don't provide plastic toothbrushes (even if in Vietnam, usually hotels do so). Guests are invited to bring their own toothbrushes. In case you don't have a toothbrush, we will give you a wooden toothbrush under the condition to take it with you and use it again:) ;
3. The homestay doesn not have any single-use-plastic-items. Even cotton buds are made of wood, not plastic;
4. Guests are encouraged not to take food to the house in single-use-boxes and plastic bags. Especially beware of the hot soymilk that is served in plastic cups, those are very unhealthy.
5. We do garbage sorting and have also a box for plastic material collection outside of the house;
6. Since the homestay is a B&B, we prepare breakfast for the guest but we use reusable boxes and reusable bags to buy food so we don’t have to take the plastic bags home.

If you look for a very clean and luminous place in the northern part of Dalat close to Langbiang mountain and the Valley of Love, this is is certainly an interesting option. Enjoy!


The Kadupul Homecation, 4/36 Đường Đào Duy Từ, Phường 3, Đà Lạt

no plastic water bottles, no single-use bathroom products, food waste composting

The Kadupul Homecation Dalat

Have you seen such an interesting style before? No? In fact, it is so unique that this place has been featured among the extraordinary Airbnb accomodations in SEA by the Escape Magazine. The upcycled interior includes even a real tree growing through the roof of each private suite!

When we visited Kadupul, which by the way is the name of a flower, also called 'Queen of the night' or Epiphyllum oxypetalum, the owner was upset about the amount of food waste thrown away each day, while the many flowers, trees and plants on the property need constantly fresh fertilizer.

Filling two needs with one deed at Kadupul Homecation...

She needed to fill two needs with one deed: These days she is indeed installing a composting unit made of upcycled pallets to recycle all the food waste of the property. We really celebrate her tenacity!

What else is cool about her? She buys eco-friendly liquid soap from a local supplier in bulk and gets food locally, whenever possible.

The accomodation doesn't provide single-use bathroom products and there are no plastic water bottles in the rooms. Instead, guests can refill their water bottles with free drinking water. But Kadapul goes even further and saves on electricity, too. They installed an electricity saving card that turns off all the power once the guests leave the rooms and use solarpower-heated water.
Well done...
May Kadupul be the Queen of Environmental Efforts, too!



Eco-friendly farms in Dalat

Happy Garden, Phường 7, Đà Lạt

farming without chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, food waste recycling, plastic-free veggie-bag delivery

Fresh, organic produce from Happy Garden Dalat

Happy Garden is run by two dear gardener souls who truly care for nature. Not only do they love nature, plants and flowers, we also consider them walking plant-encyclopedias, they literally know every plant and taught us even about edible weeds. They grow so much food, so they even share it and deliver it to customers in Dalat and Saigon in reusable veggie bags, so everybody can enjoy their tasty cherry tomatoes, leaf greens, cucumbers, potatoes and many other seasonal vegetables. When you visit them, you will also find many different kinds of flowers, especially rare kinds of roses and also.... a beehive. We can only be grateful to have them in Dalat.
Check out Dalat Eco-Map and go see their little paradise!

If you wonder why Bees4life created an eco-map read more here and find out why eco-maps are bee-friendly too!
Step by step 🙂 we are working every day on the Dalat Eco-Map to tell you the inspiring stories of more eco-friendly businesses. Stay tuned!