Why we love eco-maps

Why we love eco-maps

Find out why eco-maps are bee-friendly too

You might wonder why Bees4life created a map for eco-friendly places in a city.
The surprising truth is – just like on a map – everything is connected.

Bees are connected to us, because we are connected to food which is mostly pollinated by bees (and other pollinaters).

But: Bees (and all other insects) can only live in environments that are not poisoning them.

So here is why we need an eco-map.

We should know about places that keep our planet clean and safe. Places that make our planet a better place to live.
We should have them handy and know exactly where to find them. A good way to is to have them on a map, wherever we go.

A better place to live can mean a lot.
Ideally, such a place is a zero-waste-off-the-grid-permaculture-venue with upcycled furniture and eco-bricks and whatsoever. 🙂

Ideally, the owner and staff of such a place
– recycle all food waste in a home-made compost system or other organic waste recycling options;
– don’t accept plastic bags from shops when shopping;
– when shopping, then only locally and possibly chemical-free food;
– when shopping, then only in bulk and plastic-bag free
– don’t use/provide single-use-plastic of any kind (bottles, toothbrushes, packaging, shampoo bottles etc.)

Still, we don’t believe in perfectionism. We believe in small actions that everyone can adopt and integrate in daily life without losing everyone’s minds.
We believe that it’s more important to have 1.000 imperfect eco-friendly people than 1 perfect one. We believe in mutual learning processes and we believe in network. In inspiring synergies and in human connection.

In short: We think that it’s much easier to be eco-friendly and make positive life changes everyday if other people who we are connected with do it too.

We hope you enjoy our map.

Best wishes,


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