Dalat Eco Map

Dalat Eco Map (Vietnam)

A map with eco-friendly businesses in Dalat, Vietnam


Food providers engaging either in food waste programs and/or ban single-use plastic and plastic bags and/or source organic food for their meals.
Hotels, homestays and dorms engaging in food waste programs and/or banning plastic drinking bottles and shampoo bottles and/or using eco-friendly detergents.
Farms banning synthetic substances from their farms such as inorganic pesticides, herbicides and in some cases even synthetic fertilizers.
Eco-friendly trekking tours, second-hand shops, handmade cosmetics, handicraft and more. Find an eco-friendly gift for your friends and family.

Eco-friendly Restaurants and Cafés

Café 1 Mô Hình ↓

Garbage sorting and recycling, no plastic water bottles, no plastic straws, reducing plastic bags

Art, good coffee and vibrant ambiance in the heart of Dalat City.... The Café features an interesting interior made by the owner and artist himself. Engraved lamps made from local dried gourds and paintings on walls and canvas truly make this a special place to be.

The owner does not only care about art though. He introduced alternatives to plastic straws and recycles the food waste of the café in the local community garden of Dalat.

Local ingredients are his favourite and the signature serving of the house is the locally sourced dense yoghurt with freshly cut fruit. Try it!

Find the Google Maps link here:

Café 1 Mô Hình, 2A Đường Bà Triệu, Đà Lạt

Find the Facebook Page here:



Vĩ Tuyến Số Sáu - Tea, Cafe, Garden, Dalat ↓

No straws, no plastic take-away, garbage recycling, upcycled interior


Vĩ Tuyến Số Sáu - Tea, Cafe, Garden, Dalat


We met Ms. Trang Bui, the owner of this garden café, the first time at the local community garden, where she kindly helped us plant the first seeds <3.  Now we went to visit her little paradise. Vĩ Tuyến Số Sáu means the 6th parallel and it is a small tea house in the middle of the pine forest.


The front side of the garden café Vĩ Tuyến Số Sáu. Inside lovely Ms. Trang Búi.


Sustainablity is very important to her, so she decided that building materials for the tea house should be second hand. And so she did: 80% of the tea house's interior has been discarded by other people and was destined to finish their life cycle, but Trang saved these items and put them together to a beautiful mosaic, a tea house with a relaxing and mysterious forest ambiance.

But Trang wanted more than that - her goal is to live in the highest possible harmony with nature.

When we asked her about take-away containers for beverages, she chuckled and indicated I should form a bowl with my hands - meaning that if people really want to take away stuff, they must bring their own container. Thumbs up!  Let's educate people, Trang!


Ms. Trang Bui


Obviously, the tea house also doesn't use straws or any single-use-plastic. They sort waste and recycle food waste in the vegetable gardens of the Clover Homestay.

Another nice gesture of this place? Customers are allowed to pick and eat vegetables at the organic vegetable garden! And whenever there is a fruit surplus, Trang shares it with her tea house guests for free.

Her wish is to create a community that engages with nature and respects the earth.

Are we dreaming or awake? Go find out yourself with this Google Maps link:

Vĩ Tuyến Số Sáu - Tea, Cafe, Garden, Dalat, 1b Đường Hoàng Văn Thụ, Phường 4, Đà Lạt

Otherwise you can also find the café on Facebook:



K'Be Wood Fired Pizza and BBQ ↓

Garbage sorting, in-house food waste recycling (feed for ducks), recycled building materials, local ingredient sourcing


Delicious pizza by K'Be Restaurant. Photo by Mervin Lee, www.surrephoto.com


Do you plan to hike Langbiang Mountain? Then you should also plan a lunch break or dinner with flavour-rich, wood fired pizza and a big glass of fresh, home-brewed beer.

Where? At K'BE Restaurant, right on the road to Langbiang parking lot, literally only few minutes away.

It's great even for vegetarians, because the pizza can be served totally meat-free. Your palate will be delighted by locally-grown vegetables and home-made cheese!

You wonder, who had this idea to bring Italian pizza in a remote village in the Central Highlands of Vietnam?

His name is James Reelick, who runs K'BE Restaurant, together with his wife and his two children. Indeed, James praises his 12-year-old son for being a great helping hand in the restaurant. And his little girl, Trung, brought as proudly our drinks with the same ease and skill she displays as she does when speaking three different languages: English, Vietnamese and K'Ho. What a lovely family!


Three out of four members of the K'Be family. Where is James? 😉


There he is with his daughter Trung. James Reelick from Connecticut, USA. Photo by Mervin Lee, www.surrephoto.com


James has very high standards and only wants THE BEST available ingredients for his dishes. Once we asked him about food and he said:

"If you make food, why don't you make the best food?"

This sums up his goals, when it comes to food quality.

In fact, the pizza is wood fired pizza made in a pizza oven, not in a conventional oven. The ingredients are as local as possible. For example, he buys vegetables only from his village, which happens to be a center for agriculture. The pizza dough is freshly prepared, every single day.

Are you getting hungry? There is more you should know.

Pizza with fresh, local ingredients, ready to go in the wood fired pizza oven. Photo by Mervin Lee, www.surrephoto.com


On top of excellent food quality, James wanted to assure an outstanding beer quality.

If you still think that pizza should be enjoyed together with red wine, go for a walk in Italy. Italian people will be happy to show you that for pizza, there is no better match than beer. 🙂 

Therefore, he invested in a professional beer brewing system! Filled with - again - high-quality ingredients, he makes his own craft beer.

Don't forget to try it!

The beer brew house (!)


For James, everything must be as sustainable as possible. Usually, when it comes to sustainability, people talk about "Reuse, Reduce, Recycle".

Well, James is an expert in reusing things. He uses discarded coffee trees as wood fire material. This means that your pizza is fired with material, that coffee farmers throw away anyway. For them, old coffee trees don't yield as much as young trees.

Also, whenever James builds something, whatever that might be - a kitchen, a shed, a beer brewing factory - he uses second-hand materials.

What else is special? There is no food waste at K'Be Restaurant. Why? First of all, it rarely happens, that someone doesn't finish his or her plate. 🙂 And other food scraps fill other bellies, because the family raises ducks.

Something that we found very interesting in particular is the following: James tries to avoid concrete floors and concrete pavement, because "the earth needs to breathe". Let's all be inspired for our future building projects.

For take-away, he uses aluminium foil. In this way, customers can reuse the foil or recycle it through the local scavenger ladies.

We hope you enjoy your stay at K'Be Restaurant. Say hello to James. 🙂

Find the Google Maps link here:

K'BE Wood Fired Pizza & BBQ, Lạc Dương, Lạc Dương District, Lâm Đồng

James loves it when you make a reservation a day before your visit at the restaurant. So he can plan the kitchen supplies better and nothing goes to waste.

Contact him through Facebook:


One More Café ↓

No plastic straws, no plastic water bottles, reducing plastic bags, garbage recycling


The cozy first floor of the 3 floor One More Café


Craving western cuisine or a quiet place to write important e-mails?

This is the address to go to! Here you can find not only cinnamon buns that taste like home, but also bread with different kinds of seeds, eggs Benedict, English Breakfast, Granola bowls and much more.

The tasty, home-made seed bread loaves of One More Café Dalat.

And if you need healthy food ingredients to make your own dishes at home, on One More Café's snack shelf you can find many product options. Upgrade your life with all kinds of nuts, seeds, lentils, chickpeas, oats, nut milks, but also home-made jams, chutneys and pickles.


The snack shelf at One More Café


The friendly and welcoming owner, Lorelle from Australia, created a space where expats, locals and tourists meet and greet and enjoy delicious food that tastes like home.


Soups and sandwiches at One More Café


On the top floor of the café a co-working space is waiting for you, where you can get the work done that has been on your to-do-list for too long.


The coworking space on the third floor


Speaking of which, Lorelle has lived in Dalat for a long time and knows pretty much everything about this city and cares for Dalat in her own, green way.

She introduced a "Commitment to the Environment" which is displayed on every table: You learn that One More Café recycles all plastic, metal, paper and food waste. They use stainless steel straws instead of plastic straws. They take their own shopping bags to buy supplies at the market to reduce the use of plastic bags. If you need a bag, they also offer Bees4life cotton bags for sale.

Moreover, single-use-plastic bottles are banned here and table water and take-away water is offered in glass bottles instead, for a very reasonable price. How? They buy water in huge refillable tanks that each save 40 small single use plastic bottles!
Cheers, friends!

Find the Google Maps link here:

One More Café, 77 Đường Hai Bà Trưng, Đà Lạt

Or check out the Facebook page:



Green Box Café ↓

No plastic straws, food waste becomes fertilizer for their own farm, single-use-bottles and cans swap

Green Box Café Dalat

Smoothies, juices, greens, coffee & drinks! Green Box Café is all about having a nice time in a very special ambiance, matching the local vibe of the omnipresent agriculture in Dalat.

You literally sit in between plants, tomatoes, salads and other ornamental plants that blossom, flourish and live around you when you enjoy a delicious drink in good company. You can invite all your friends because Green Box has a lot of space!

Green Box Café is hosting the monthly local & plastic-free Organic Farmer's Market...

The ability to fit a lot of people and provide a beautiful, green space for bigger events also attracted the local Organic Farmer's Market, which is held monthly at Green Box Café. The owners provide the space for the market on the first floor free of charge because of their support and friendship with the local organic farmers in Dalat. Big thumbs up from our side here.

More information about the Organic Farmer's Market Dalat.

Moreover, they show their love for nature by restricting plastig bags, banning plastic straws and by recycling the leftover food waste of the café on their farm. And, if you really want to buy a drink in a plastic bottle, then the Café gives you the possibility to swap the empty bottle afterwards with a home-grown vegetable from Green Box!

Come discover an exceptional place in Dalat!

Find the Google Maps link here:

Green Box Café, 42 Xô Viết Nghệ Tĩnh, Đà Lạt

Find the Facebook Page of Green Box Café here:



Quán Cà Rem Bông Bông ↓

Zero packaging discounts, delivery in paper bags, local sourcing when possible


The elegant shop front of Quan Ca Rem Bong Bong. Ready for a romantic icecream place?


It's a hot day and the only thought in your mind is ice cream? Or is it a regular day and you just want to hang out with your friends in a charming, hidden alley of Dalat and enjoy home-made icecream with delicious waffles, right from the waffle iron?

Waffles.... Tasty! Share a waffle or two with your friend or lover...


Then this place is exactly for you! The Bông Bông ice cream shop will delight you with a thoughtful interior and very tasty and surprising ice cream flavours: Did you ever try ice cream made of durian? Or passion fruit? Or matcha? Or coconut? Besides the common flavour like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry you can find these more exotic flavours. When possible, the ingredients are sourced locally.


Get creative! Mix your favourite icecream flavours and take them home. Pro tipp: bring your own container! 🙂


When it comes to the environment, Ms. Hoa, the owner, decided to offer a discount of 20% to any customer who brings their own take-away-box. That is great news, if you want to eat your ice cream at home or later. Moreover, in case of home delivery, ice cream is delivered exclusively in paper bags!

We love it, when hidden gems are eco-friendly. Thank you Bông Bông for making Dalat a better place!

Find the Google Maps link here:

Quán Cà Rem Bông Bông, 202 Phan Đình Phùng, Phường 2, Đà Lạt

Or find them on Facebook:



Yumm! Not only a pleasure for the palate, but also for the eye. Enjoy!

La Viet Coffee ↓

Stainless steel drinking straws, coffee ground recycling at University, garbage sorting


The stylish coffee counter where you can learn about different coffee brewing styles...


When it comes to coffee, coffeshop ambiance, coffee education, brewing and tasting, these guys really take it seriously. Why? Well, in La Viet the concept is from farm to cup. And they master every single step in this process.

The best part? You can be part of this too, just walk in! Once inside, you feel the coffee vibe in every corner. This is also because only part of the La Viet area is used for coffee guests. The other and visibile part of the area is dedicated to the coffee processing, from sorting, roasting, tasting and selling coffee beans. In harvest time, you can see how people sort Arabica coffee cherries by hand on long trays!

The staff is very welcoming and shows you around whenever you wish. You can also book the full tour and visit their coffee farm and learn everything you always wanted to know about coffee! As far as we know, the tours are offered in English, Vietnamese and even in Russian.

Arabica coffee from farm to cup in a special ambiance

Now you might think that La Viet Coffee is a busy place. Yes, many guests enjoy this special ambiance every day. Still, the staff manages to somehow always smile and make everything look organized, special and peaceful. Well done, friends.


The sitting area of La Viet Café. Many people also come here for casual business meeting.


We thought, such a visionary place is surely also role model when it comes to environment. And we were right!

La Viet banned plastic straws and provides stainless steel straws for drinks instead. They sort waste in 3 different categories (food waste, plastic and paper), whereas plastic and paper gets recycled by the local scavenger ladies.

If you have a coffeeshop too, you can start sorting now!

It makes a big difference, because plastic and paper are much easier to recylce if they aren't contaminated by food waste. And meanwhile we keep food waste away from landfills. The food waste, which consists mostly of coffee grounds, is given to Dalat University and transformed into fertilizer. When people ask for take-away, they introduced a biodegradable lid on the coffee cup.

La Viet also is strongly rooted to its origins, the country of Vietnam, and loves emphasizing their national pride through the choice of ingredients in the menu. For example, coffee is all local, it’s exclusively Arabica coffee from the surroundings of Dalat. Signature drinks are the combination of local fruits such as lemon, kumquat, strawberry, mulberry, banana and beetroot.

Doesn't it sound mouth-watering? Come and see yourself! 🙂

Find the Google Maps link here:

La Viet Coffee, 200 Nguyễn Công Trứ, Đà Lạt



Brew and Breakfast ↓

No single-use-plastic of any kind, food waste program, 100% plant-based cuisine

Brew and Breakfast Dalat

Brew and Breakfast is a restaurant and café with accomodations for travellers.

It is owned by Nick and Briana, a friendly couple from the UK who are in love with the world of coffee and the environment.
You can feel it the moment you step in... a pleasant scent of fresh coffee will delight your nose and your eyes will admire the elegant artwork of upcycled second-hand-material which has become the interior design and furniture in Brew and Breakfast.

The passion for coffee culminated in their own coffee brand "London Saigon Coffee Company". This also means that you can see a fancy roasting machine, right in the restaurant!
Still, Nick and Briana don't only care about coffee.

Home-Roasted Coffee, 100% plant based and upcycled interior...

If you are vegan or want to lower your meat consumption, here you will find a 100% plant-based menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We especially recommend the burritos and avocado toast, so yummy! The ingredients for the dishes are almost all local and the chefs swap imported food for local whenever possible.


Come taste the mouth-watering vegan burrito!


In addition, Brew and Breakfast, doesn't sell any single-use-plastic and doesn't provide single-use items like straws or cutlery. For their guests, they provide free filtered water and buy things like soap and other supplies in bulk to limit the amount of packaging.
When it comes to recycling garbage, the restaurant is a leading example in Dalat. Plastics and metals are recycled locally and food waste is donated to Eco-Dream Farmstay, an organic farm in Dalat which is also on the Dalat Eco-Map.

It's coffee time!

Find the Google Maps link here:

Brew and Breakfast, 2 Trần Hưng Đạo, Đà Lạt

Eco-friendly Accommodation

The Lake House Dalat ↓

Food waste recycling, quitting plastic, garbage sorting


The Lake House Dalat


The Lake House offers quiet accomodations at Tuyen Lam Lake in proximity to the famous Truc Lam pagoda. People who want to take a rest from stressful daily life and relax come here to enjoy the silence and the wonderful presence of the peaceful lake. They have private bungalows and single/double rooms and dorm rooms available - a place for all budgets and privacy wishes.


View on the lake from the private double room at the Lake House.


Apart from serving only vegetarian food to guests, the owner is environmentally-conscious and installed a no-plastic-bottle policy.

Instead, they serve free hot tea and filter the water for the guests. They separate the trash as follows: cans & bottles to be recycled, organic material for composting, and non-recyclable trash.


View from one of the wooden private bungalows.


The organic material goes to their own compost, which is then transformed into fertilizer for their garden. They use reusable bags for shopping, and even try to reuse plastic bags, instead of throwing them away.

Again, in their own garden they exclusively use organic fertilizer and compost from the kitchen, no chemical products. The owner is willing to switch also to home-made detergents and washing liquids. Who wants to teach her? 🙂

Find the Google Maps link here:

The Lake House Dalat, Phường 3, Đà Lạt


Or find them on Facebook:



Khe Sanh Homestay ↓

Food waste recycling, quitting plastic shampoo bags, garbage sorting.


The terrace view at Khe Sanh Homestay. Can you see the Elephant Mountain? 🙂


Khe Sanh Homestay is located in a quiet and privileged residential area without greenhouses. It features a fantastic view on the Elephant Mountain from the terrace.

Still, these are only the outlines, you will be amazed to get to know to the kind-hearted owner and mother of 2, Mrs. Toàn, who runs the homestay and truly cares for the well-being of her guests.

Since she speaks fluent English and Vietnamese, she is happy to communicate with people from all over the world and makes them feel the most welcome in her hometown, Dalat.

Love for flowers and the environment

Toàn loves flowers and nature and wants to make a positive change, also when it comes to hotel business. For starters, she planted flowers wherever possible, that means on the balconies, on the terrace and in the front yard.

She does garbage sorting and recycles food waste from the homestay in the compost of the nearby community garden, called Bee Garden. The garden is one-year-long social and environmental project that came to life and existance also thanks to the constant support of Toàn and her Khe Sanh Homestay.

Moreover, she found a way to quit the little plastic shampoo bags and her plan is to quit single-use-plastic bottles as well. The environmental story is to be continued here...

Til then, enjoy your stay!

Find the Google Maps link here:

Khe Sanh Homestay Dalat, Phường 10, Đà Lạt

Or contact Mrs. Toàn directly through her Facebook Profile:



Komori House & Foods ↓

Eco-friendly building materials, kitchen waste composting, organic garden

Komori House - with bamboo as building material.


Komori House & Foods has been built by a group of young people who love the Japanese movie “Little Forest”. Komori is the name of village in this movie and translates to "Little Garden". It is about a dream to have a house with garden, live a sustainable life and go back to nature.

The best part? All this happens for real in less than 3 km to the city center of Dalat.


The open space at Komori house. Everybody is included, if you want to 🙂


The house’s design features open spaces, and leaves room to connect with the surrounding nature. It is built with a typical Japanese minimalistic style. One very remarkable building material is visible right when you get there: the beautiful bamboo.  All rooms were placed in a way that connects them to the open space as much as possible, community life is a very important aspect at Komori House.

There are 2 single room with garden view and private bathroom  and one dormitory room with 10 beds, each bed featuring a curtain and a private shelf.

The luminous dormitory room at Komori House.


There is the garden behind the house, where no synthetic chemicals are allowed. To fertilize the garden, Komori prepares compost out of kitchen waste.


Happy gardeners at Komori House


Komori has an open air community kitchen, where guest can join the cooking activities, share their stories and enjoy the warmth of the fire. This is especially then appealing, when in it's rainy and cold.

Next to Komori is the peaceful & majestic Church named Du Sinh. You also can explore the Du Sinh Hills nearby the Homestay and enjoy wonderful sunsets or just go for a good run in the foggy Dalat morning.

You can find the Google Maps link here:

Komori House & Foods, Hẻm 40 Huyền Trân Công Chúa, Phường 4, Đà Lạt

You can also contact Komori house via Facebook Page:



The Komori Team is happy to meet you! 🙂


Firefly Garden Homestay Dalat (Vườn đom đóm) ↓

Systemic water harvesting, bio-architecture, garbage sorting & food waste recycling, green guest education

Firefly Garden Homestay Dalat (Vườn đom đóm)

What if you wanted to get a good night sleep close to the nature, but with the conveniences of a city center? Well, then you probably need to go to a garden homestay. A very good option is the Firefly Garden Homestay Dalat by the freshly married couple Ms. Minh Tam and Mr. Minh Toan. They love their homestay so much, that they decided to throw the party directly in there, as you can see from the Facebook page of Firefly Garden Homestay Dalat.

The owners of Firefly Garden Homestay Dalat (freshly married, congrats!)

What's so special about fireflies, we wondered. The owners explain us that they love fireflies not only because of their shining beauty in the night, but also for their character and needs. The tiny insect thrives in wet conditions without pollution, suffers from the presence of chemical pesticides, needs water and produces light even in the darkest nights.

This is a firefly.

Let's find out how this passion for fireflies impacted the creation of the homestay... In fact, Ms. Minh Tam and her husband designed this homestay and garden to reduce as much as possible the impact on the environment:

On the base of every garden lies the availability of water - so, the house was designed to collect rain water and grey water for garden irrigation. We are sure that fireflies would love that!

In the same time, water shouldn't be wasted: Toilets feature a double mode to save the amount of used water and guests get their their linen and towels changed upon request, otherwise those are changed once a week, to reduce the water used for cleaning them. And speaking of cleaning: the Firefly Garden Homestay uses eco-friendly cleaning products, which also makes the grey water safe to be applied in irrigation.

Concerning the energy consume, the couple opted for wide windows in all the rooms, including the living rooms and toilet. In this way, less electricity is used for lighting and air flow. Lamps are eco-friendly and have energy-saving LED-bulbs.

All the rooms have been equipped with furniture, here she used recycled materials. When it comes to recycling of garbage, the garden homestay provides baskets in the public area to sort newspaper, paper, glass, aluminum, cardboard, metal and plastic. Food waste is collected seperately and used as compost in the garden.

Sustainability by design - a garden homestay in the heart of Dalat

The garden itself is a way of green living. Where there are plants, there is beauty for the eye and soul. So the hosts planted an abundance of flowers, vegetables and trees in the garden and even in the rooms!

You may wonder how a day as a guest feels like at the Firefly Garden Homestay? Let me take you there...

In the morning you wake up and hear the birds sing a song. You take a sip from the refreshing drinking water provided by your host in a refillable glass bottle. Time to brush your teeth and get ready for the day... Your host provides a bamboo toothbrush that you can take home and use again many times, instead of using a single-use plastic toothbrush. Now you are ready. Before you leave your room, you turn off the lights to save the energy. Remember, neither fireflies wouldn't light up during day time. 🙂

Your host is happy to provide you a bicycle for rent to explore the beautiful city of Dalat. She will also encourage you to take a reusable bag with you, so you don't need a plastic bag for souvenirs and purchases. When you come home, because this is your home in Dalat now, you can join the host and plant a tree together in the garden.

Bamboo Toothbrush by Firefly Garden Homestay

If you turn out to be a particularly eco-friendly guest, the Firefly Homestay even offers you a discount!

Are you the eco-friendly guest entitled for a discount? Go find out with this Google Maps link:

Homestay Vườn Đom Đóm - Firefly garden Đà Lạt, 95 Đường Nguyễn An Ninh, Phường 6, Đà Lạt


A little house ↓

Plastic ban in place, garbage sorting, plastic-free food shopping, environmental education

A Little House Dalat

There is a woman in Dalat who is a real ambassador, when it comes to environmental choices in personal and business life. And her homestay is a place where you can actually learn how to be more environmentally-conscious, since Ms. Phuong will be happy to inspire you. If you want to get a glimpse of that, you can read her posts on her Facebook page about quitting plastic here, here and here.

Here is her list of sustainability efforts:

1. We refill glass water bottles, instead of providing single-use-plastic bottles.
2. We don't provide plastic toothbrushes (even if in Vietnam, usually hotels do so). Guests are invited to bring their own toothbrushes. In case you don't have a toothbrush, we will give you a wooden toothbrush under the condition to take it with you and use it again:) ;
3. The homestay doesn not have any single-use-plastic-items. Even cotton buds are made of wood, not plastic;
4. Guests are encouraged not to take food to the house in single-use-boxes and plastic bags. Especially beware of the hot soymilk that is served in plastic cups, those are very unhealthy.
5. We do garbage sorting and have also a box for plastic material collection outside of the house;
6. Since the homestay is a B&B, we prepare breakfast for the guest but we use reusable boxes and reusable bags to buy food so we don’t have to take the plastic bags home.

If you look for a very clean and luminous place in the northern part of Dalat close to Langbiang mountain and the Valley of Love, this is is certainly an interesting option. Enjoy!

Find the Google Maps link here:

A little house, 12 Đường Ngô Tất Tố, Phường 8, Đà Lạt


The Kadupul Homecation ↓

No plastic water bottles, no single-use bathroom products, food waste composting


The Kadupul Homecation Dalat

Have you seen such an interesting style before? No? In fact, it is so unique that this place has been featured among the extraordinary Airbnb accomodations in SEA by the Escape Magazine. The upcycled interior includes even a real tree growing through the roof of each private suite!


A glimpse into one of the private suites. Can you spot the tree growing in the bathroom?


You might think that Kadupul is the name of a city in the Middle East, but you couldn't be more wrong. 😉 Kadupul is the name of a very special flower, also called 'Queen of the night' or Epiphyllum oxypetalum. It blossoms only few times a year and only in the night.

That sounds like a promise for a good night sleep!


Kadupul. The flower that blossoms only at night.

The owner, Mrs. Truc, who chose that name also had more ideas in mind to make Kadupul a place you will never forget.

First, she was upset about the amount of food waste thrown away each day, while the many flowers, trees and plants on the property need constantly fresh fertilizer.

Filling two needs with one deed at Kadupul Homecation...

She needed to fill two needs with one deed: Together with volunteers and her brother the team built recycling collection point on the property. Food waste becomes compost, plastic gets sold to local scavenger ladies and only a tiny fraction ends up at unrecyclable waste. We really celebrate her tenacity!


The recycling area at Kadupul Homecation


What else is cool about her? She buys eco-friendly liquid soap from a local supplier in bulk and gets food locally, whenever possible.

The accomodation doesn't provide single-use bathroom products and there are no plastic water bottles in the rooms. Instead, guests can refill their water bottles with free drinking water.

But Kadapul goes even further and saves on electricity, too. They installed an electricity saving card that turns off all the power once the guests leave the rooms and use solarpower-heated water.

Well done... May Kadupul be the Queen of Environmental Efforts, too!


Find the Google Maps link here:

The Kadupul Homecation, 4/36 Đường Đào Duy Từ, Phường 3, Đà Lạt

You can contact the Facebook Page to make a reservation:



The Clover's Home ↓

Food waste composting, reused building materials, permaculture farming


Entrance of the Clover's Home, Dalat


The Clover's Home is a quiet place. To get there, you cross a little forest road that leads to the enchanted farmstay. Farmstay? Yes, because around the house, people planted vegetables and fruits of all kinds in beautiful garden beds.


Accomodations at the Clover's Home, dorms and private rooms available


That is because Tung, the owner, got inspired by the permaculture way of farming and living. He says that he doesn't use chemical fertilizer on the land, instead helps build up the soil by composting food waste, giving room for the soil to breath and grow different plants to support each other. The new garden café on the property named Vĩ Tuyến Số Sáu - Tea, Cafe, Garden, Dalat named has been built almost entirely with reused materials, we write about this café in the restaurant & café section of this map.

The farmstay offers private room and dorm accomodation and you can book either through their Facebook Page The Clover's Home or throught Airbnb.

Find the Google Maps link here:

The Clover's Home, 27 Vạn Thành, Đà Lạt

Facebook Page of the Clover's Home Dalat:



Pick veggies at the Clover's Home 🙂

Eco-friendly Farms

Happy Garden (vegetables) ↓

Farming without chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, food waste recycling, plastic-free veggie-bag delivery

Fresh, organic produce from Happy Garden Dalat

Happy Garden is run by two dear gardener souls who truly care for nature. Not only do they love nature, plants and flowers, we also consider them walking plant-encyclopedias, they literally know every plant and taught us even about edible weeds. They grow so much food, so they even share it and deliver it to customers in Dalat and Saigon in reusable veggie bags, so everybody can enjoy their tasty cherry tomatoes, leaf greens, cucumbers, potatoes and many other seasonal vegetables. When you visit them, you will also find many different kinds of flowers, especially rare kinds of roses and also.... a beehive. We can only be grateful to have them in Dalat.

Check out Dalat Eco-Map and go see their little paradise!

Find the Google Maps link here:

Happy Garden, Phường 7, Đà Lạt


Nhà Cười - Smile Garden (vegetables) ↓

Forest garden with fruits and vegetables, chemical-free farm, veggie picking

A corner of the forest garden of Nhà Cười - Smile Garden

Did you ever wonder how resistance looks like?

It's probably difficult to imagine but the picture above is take on a one slot of land which is enclosed completely by greenhouses of other farms. Miles and miles of greenhouses as far as you can see.

And one man had enough of that.

Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Tân, owner of Nhà Cười - Smile Garden

In September 2019 Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Tân announced a public event to take down the greenhouse on his land and return it to nature. That time he wrote: "We are all aware that over the years, Da Lat’s agriculture has been attacked by greenhouses and chemical products. These actions for only short-term profits have distorted the purpose of agricultural development, shattered city development plan, and especially impacted climate change. [...]

Smile Garden’s short-term purpose is to become a clean farm with pure natural farming technique, using organic fertilizer, and producing seasonal fruit trees. In the future, our farm will become the space for the weekly agricultural fair with expanded stalls, workshops, free dialogues on agriculture, environment, and recycling, etc. We are looking forward seeing all people who are interested in improving Da Lat’s agriculture to act together, and to share ideas and discussion with us."

Said....and done! Together with visitors and volunteers they took down the greenhouse, recycled the large pieces of plastic on the farm and started growing food in harmony with nature.

Today, on the upper part of the farm you will find all sorts of vegetables growing almost wildly together. They are planted close enough to prevent weeds in a natural way. The more you go further and reach the lower part of the farm with the house, kitchen facility and living spaces, the higher the vegatation grows. When you reach the house you stand in something that permaculturists might call a "Food Forest". It is a nature-oriented way of planting which mimics a real forest with the difference that all plants are edible for humans.

The best part?

You can experience how such fruits and vegetables taste like. Upon appointment, you can go to the farm and meet. Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Tân, who will show you around his little paradise. If you are into gardening, you can also help him with the harvest or organize an alternative afternoon there with you friends. If you just want to buy fresh veggies, you can go down to the house and use the pick and pay box (if it's your first time, send a message first to arrange the with Mr. Tân).

The pick and pay corner of Nhà Cười - Smile Garden: come in, pick what you like, weigh it, pay 50K VND/kg, take it home, ENJOY! 🙂

Smile Garden is also a very open and welcoming place, accepting volunteers from all over the world.

Just drop Mr. Tân a message and make an appointment through the Facebook Page of Smile Garden.

Here is the Google Maps link to find the farm:

Nhà Cười - Smile Garden, 8 Vòng Lâm Viên, Phường 8, Đà Lạt


Bui Farm (coffee, fruits, vegetables) ↓

Coffee farming without chemical pesticides and herbicides, coffee shipping in reusable containers

Mr. Bui Anh Tuan, farmer and organizer of the Organic Farmer's Market Dalat in the picture with health coach Ms. Nam Phuong

There is a lot to say about a person who is friend, permaculture mentor, coffee farmer, coffee roaster, organic farmer's market manager, Bees4life translator and inestimable source of inspiration to us.

In fact, Bui Anh Tuan, the owner of Bui Farm, co-organized the organic farmer's market in Dalat, translated many of our workshops and speeches simultaneously to Vietnamese language and is one of our favourite conversation partners for topics like bees, pollinators, permaculture, farming and many more... How come Mr. Tuan knows about farming? Well...

He owns a visionary coffee farm and coffee brand, called Rin Coffee. Robusta coffee trees grow without synthetic pesticides or herbicides. Here is a picture of a small part of Bui Farm:

Bui Farm - a permaculture coffee farm

If you are a Bees4life reader, you probably remember our post Coffee without bees? in which we explain the importance of bees and pollinators for everyones daily dose of the brown liquid gold - coffee.

In the post we basically describe how Bui Farm grows coffee - in a bee-friendly and likewise eco-friendly way. In the picture of the farm above, you can see 2 factors of this kind of farming:

Coffee trees are intercropped with fruit trees (in the picture you see a banana palm in the back, but on the farm there are also macadamia, jackfruit and persimmon trees. In this way, not only the farm has more biodiversity, which lowers the risk of pest epidemics, but also features extended flowering periods. When the coffee flowering season is over, bees can continue living on the farm and feed on other fruit tree nectar.

Flowering weeds are allowed and embraced for at least 2 reasons: Firstly they also provide food sources for bees. Secondly, they deliver organic matter to the soil through the chop and drop method.

Moreover, what you cannot see in the picture is that close to the farm is pine forest area, where bees and other insects can withdraw and nest.

Bees choose Bui Farm too...

Mr. Tuan reported that due to the presence of bees his coffee harvest increased up to 40%!

Once harvested, he does all the processing in-house and then proceeds to roasting. There would be a lot to say about roasting too! Robusta coffee has the image to be a very bitter kind of coffee, which is due to the common practice of roasting Robusta coffee until it's black. Mr. Tuan reverses this infamous Robusta image! He does light and medium roasting and creates a tender, mouth-watering Robusta coffee. The coffee is available as beans or powder, in reusable coffee bags.

If you are interested to meet Mr. Tuan or try his coffee, meet him at the organic farmer's market or contact him through this Google Maps link

Bui Farm, Thôn 7, Đức Trọng District, Lâm Đồng


Midori Coffee Farm (coffee) ↓

Coffee farming without chemical pesticides and herbicides, coffee shipping in reusable containers



Mr. Huy, manager and farmer at Midori Coffee FarmWhen we first met Mr. Huy, we immediately noticed his friendly smile and peaceful attitude. It makes sense. When you live far away from the city chaos, you probably find a lot of peace within, just like Mr. Huy. It was coffee harvesting time, so he took us to the coffee trees to pick coffee cherries first hand. On the way there he described everything about coffee processing and answered all the million questions we had patiently. Turns out they apply a coffee processing method that reduces the impact on the environment and the use of water resources. Thumbs up! Also, coffee waste products, such as coffee skins/husks are reused on the farm - nothing gets wasted. And another great plus: for regular customers who order larger quantities (5 kg and more) the coffee gets delivered in reusable jars, so the packaging is cut down to almost zero, too.

Sustainable coffee farming and passion for the environment...

There is more: His exciting plan is to make the coffee farm become a real food forest! That's why he is planting many fruit trees among the coffee trees. We obviously love this, because this means a lot of biodiversity for the bee-loved bees and pollinators. It means more nectar sources all year round! He also helps pollinators by not using any kind of herbicides and pesticides. For all the permaculture lovers out there, Mr. Huy has a banana circle, if you are curious to find out what that means, read more here.

Midori Coffee Farm produces very little trash since all organic waste is recycled on the farm - in the vegetable garden, which again doesn't receive chemicals! Ducks and chicken serve eggs and precious fertilizer. When it comes to water pollution, the farm uses exclusively natural detergents, except for the laundry detergent. We think that we can fix that one. Please share with Mr. Huy your favourite natural laundry detergent recipe 🙂

Recently, they also built a café, where you can try the coffee from farm to cup with a great view on the valley and the stream.


Scenic view from the new café at Midori Farm


Moreover, the farm now has rooms available, so you can come and stay over night. During your stay, you may enjoy simple meals with home-grown vegetables from the garden and have certainly a quiet good night sleep.

What else is left to say? A lot. Go see yourself and experience coffee farming with an authentic and passionate coffee farmer.
Visit Midori Coffee Farm as guest or volunteer!

Find the Google Maps link here:

Midori Coffee Farm, 235 Thôn 3, Xóm 4, Lâm Hà District, Lâm Đồng


Volunteers having fun at Midori Farm

The Story Coffee (coffee) ↓

Organic coffee farming and supporting the local ethnic minority community


The Story Coffee house surrounded by nature


Located in Ta Nung village, overlooking a valley of coffee with a stream running through, The Story Coffee is an ideal place to relax and enjoy coffee for tourists in Dalat. The owner, Trung,  is a passionate person about specialty coffee and organic farming.

When he took the land over, Trung has gradually converted the coffee farm to organic cultivation. He also owns a nearby coffee farm with the goal of planting a food forest with a variety of trees.

In the backyard of the coffee shop, he grows vegetables which receive compost made of the kitchen waste. During harvest season, the ripe coffee beans are carefully selected and roasted to bring the best quality cups of coffee to visitors.


Ripe coffee cherries at The Story Coffee


If you are lucky enough to meet Trung, you will be welcomed by his charm and  a very interesting coffee story.

Not only serving coffee at the cafe, The Story Coffee also sells coffee bean or grain coffee with high quality in a beautiful packaging. So you can take home a precious souvenir and feel the love of this coffee farm, even if you are back home.


The Story Coffee: drink and take it home with you


With the desire to enhance the value of coffee in the area, The Story Coffee hopes to spread this new way of farming to the neighbourhood and help the local K’ho community to have a stable income.


Find the Google Maps link here:

The Story Coffee, Tà Nung Village, Lâm Đồng


Find the Facebook page of The Story Coffee here:



Gates of Dawn Garden (goat milk) ↓

Holistic goat farming, small-scale, milk shipping in reusable glass bottles




Find the Google Maps link here, it is at the same address as the Japanese Strawberry Farm (run by the parents of An Vuong):


Find the Facebook page of Gates of Dawn Garden here:



Eco-friendly Shops & more

Labata Handmade Shop ↓

Local handicraft, eco-friendly packaging, no plastic bags

Handicrafted notebooks, jewellery, accessories, natural soaps & more - the best place for your souvenirs made in Da Lat


The Labata shop sign. Can you see the friendly dragonfly?


When you arrive at the street number, remember to look up a little, the shop is not at street level... there you see it.

Nestled next on the second floor, of house on the famous Phan Dinh Phung Street (at the end of Truong Cong Dinh), you will spot a small shop with a very large window.

At first sight, it looks a like a mysterious, little coffee shop. To go there you climb few stairs. While you climb those stairs, you will be guided by the lovely logo of Labata shop, a red dragonfly.

Be prepared, you'll enter a parallel universe, once you go through the shop door of Labata Handmade...

The shop's décor will catapult you in something similar like Diagon Alley from Harry Potter (remember, that's where Harry bought his magic wand in the famous magic wand shop "Ollivander"). OK, let's get you settled.

If you are lucky, you will meet Thu, the owner, or her sister in person, who will spontaneously invite you for a cup of tea.


Thu, creator of Labata Handmade at her shop on Phan Dinh Phung street


You learn that Labata (Made by hand - Made by heart) as the name and slogan of the store. Thus, each product from Labata such as notebooks, recycled sack handbags and jewelry items has its own signature and uniqueness.

Each item is made with passionate dedication by a real craftswoman or crafsman!

The shop is small but the handmade products here are extremely diverse in types, colors as well as styles.


Handmade purses, notebooks, jewellery, accessories at Labata


Sometimes people spend hours 'deep diving' to satisfy your hobby of crafts, from pretty notebooks binded entirely by hand to recycling bags, purses, shirts, unique jewelry, soap, essential oils, or typical souvenirs.

In Labata, you also easily find ecofriendly products with high quality to reuse many times so as to limit the use of plastic and one-time plastic for environmental protection.


Handmade notebooks at Labata


Thu and Labata got famous all over Vietnam because of her homemade notebooks. She also offers book binding workshops, yes, she teaches you how to make your own notebook! The best part? If you miss the workshop you can request her to open a private workshop (at least 4 people).

Joining this Workshop, you would feel that this is not just a boring teaching and learning session, but interspersed with interesting sharing with the shop owner that you will forget the time and making a notebook for yourself becomes much easier and more interesting.

After the workshop, you will really enjoy your art work and be more satisfied with the time you have spent here.

Whoever you are, a long-time resident or a tourist who only visits Dalat city for a few days, this is the place you should visit, not only because of the products, but the people at Labata are friendly, fun and kind.

What else is fantastic? Well, if you wish to give gifts to your loved ones, you can ask the owner to wrap your presents, she will to it free of charge.

Yet, everything will happen in an eco-friendly way. She will wrap the gift in old newspapers and arranges few dried flowers as decoration. Lovely and sustainable at the same time!

The recipient will be surprised and much happier by the rustic and warm from the gifts wrapped with so much love.

Whether you want to shop or not, you are always welcomed, Labata always has a place to sit and chat, tea & cake free of charge. All you need is to come and bring your smile. Labata will make your memory of Dalat special and unique.


Find the Google Maps link here:

Labat Handmade Shop, 64 Phan Đình Phùng, Phường 2, Đà Lạt

Find the Facebook Page of Labata Handmade shop:



Locally crafted soap bars wrapped in individual packaging at Labata.


Monom Adventures, Camping, Trekking Tours ↓

Contact information:

Trekking, camping,  Koho Culture

Mull K Vang

Phone number +840969214071

Email: kohovang@gmail.com Trekking_camping_ Koho Culture


BiBi Beauty Handmade Cosmetics ↓

Minh Hồng eco-friendly liquid soaps & detergents ↓

Contact information of the reseller in Dalat:

Facebook of Ms. Minh Hien Nguyen: https://www.facebook.com/MinhHienNguyen8




If you wonder why Bees4life created an eco map read more here and find out why eco maps are bee-friendly too!

Step by step 🙂 we are working every day on the Dalat Eco Map to tell you the inspiring stories of more eco-friendly businesses. Stay tuned!