Sustainable tourism in Dalat, Vietnam

Restaurants, hotels & shops for your sustainable vacation in Dalat


Visit Dalat Eco Map for the best eco-friendly spots and activities

 Are you wondering how to be a sustainable tourist when visiting Dalat City in the Central Highlands of Vietnam?

Would you like to know to which places to go for sustainable tourism in Dalat?

Here is our advice: visit Dalat Eco Map and find all the places your green heart is beating for.


Locally made Nana Chocolate at The Choco Dalat

Sustainable hotels and accommodations in Dalat


For example, sustainable hotels in Dalat that offer eco-friendly soaps, save water and electricity, compost their organic waste and/or ban single-use toiletry items.

We warmly recommend you The Lake House Dalat, Komori House, The Cleomy, The Kadupul Homecation and The Little House, when it comes to sustainable hotels in Dalat.

Read more about each of these accommodations and find out why they are sustainable on Dalat Eco Map! Check the “accommodation section”. =)

Photo Courtesy: The Kadupul Homecation

Sustainable restaurants and cafés in Dalat


Or how about sustainable restaurants in Dalat that offer food made from locally grown ingredients, that are composting and sorting their garbage, banning straws and plastic bottles?

In this case, you can check out One More Café (western food and English Breakfast) and K’Be Wood Fired Pizza (as the name says, excellent pizza and home-made beer).

But Dalat is also a city of gorgeous cafés and coffee shops. Sometimes we all need a place to chill and sip a nice locally grown cup of coffee or a delicious smoothie. In this case, you should go to The Cleomy Coffeeshop, An Cafe, Green Box Café (for the best smoothies), and Quán Cà Rem Bông Bông (cutest icecream spot in a very hidden gem location).

Read more about each of these restaurants and cafés and find out why they are sustainable on Dalat Eco Map! Check the “restaurant section”. =)


Photo Courtesy by an Café

Sustainable shops in Dalat


We are super happy and proud of this particular section because of so many great initiatives and kind-hearted shop owners in Dalat.

If you crave natural soap bars and essential oils produced in Dalat you should visit Quán Của Thời Thanh Xuân, translated the café of the youth, where people with hearing losses get jobs and training as baristas and soap bar production. This place not only is environmentally valuable but also socially.

Moreover, there is also a place that makes and sells local handicrafts. Labata Handmade Shop is famous for its signature notebooks but also cute souvenirs, accessories, jewelry, and more – all handmade.

What’s missing? The clothes. But we got it all here. At the n°3 Black Cat Second-Hand stores in the city, you can find selected secondhand clothing items for women, babies, and men! We also list other secondhand stores on the map, find them all 😉

Read more about each of these shops and find out why they are sustainable on Dalat Eco Map! Check the “shop section”. =)


Photo Courtesy of Labata Handmade Shop

Sustainable farms in Dalat


We couldn’t talk about Dalat, without mentioning farms, since the city is an agricultural hub for the whole country of Vietnam.

Yet, we have specific requirements when recommending farms. They should function in a way that is also working well for bees, meaning banning the use of herbicides, pesticides and possibly including flowers that keep pollinators alive and happy all year round.

Some of the farms on the map are also vendors at the Organic Farmer’s Market Dalat. We encourage you to visit and talk to the farmers there or contact them through the contact info we provide you on the map in the farm section.

There are several beautiful coffee farms for example Bui Farm, Midori Farm, The Story Coffee

And one super lovely female goat farmer: Gates of Dawn Garden

Vegetable farmers: Smile Garden (Nha Cuoi)

Essential oil herbal farmer: The Seed Garden

Read more about each of these farms and find out why they are sustainable on Dalat Eco Map! Check the “farm section”. =)


Photo courtesy: The Story Coffee


For us, these places represent options to establish sustainable tourism in Dalat.

If you can include one or more of these places in your travel itinerary and support their environmental choices, the earth would be happy too.

Enjoy your stay in Dalat! <3


About the author:

Leonie is the founder of and has been living in Dalat since 2018.
Since then, she got to meet all these wonderful hosts and people who care about the environment.
In a self-learning experiment, she created Dalat Eco Map.


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